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018: Leading A Movement with Harleen McLean

This week I’m speaking Harleen McLean of Harleen McLean Interiors

Harleen has had a fascinating career beginning in Kenya where she grew up and started an interior furnishings company which grew into large scale franchise operation to her relocation to London where she now operates Harleen McLean interiors and is leading a movement of Biophilic design in the U.K. design that serves deeply integrate the natural world into the manmade.

I was particularly excited to speak with Harleen as she launches her Awestruck exhibition starting on the 30th July dedicated to Biophilia at the Adrem dream space located in Clerkenwell.

The exhibition is fascinating example of authentic marketing driving an impactful and passion filled movement. The event is creating a community of experts in the associated fields, increasing awareness and attracting an audience and potential clients not just for herself but for all who are taking part – the exhibition includes public talks with other experts, bespoke pieces and a series of workshops and seminars.

In this interview Harleen discusses the communication, leadership skills developed to create the teams and exhibition and the intended impact she wants to create by bringing well being focused design to larger audience.


Harleen McLean

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Rion Willard

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