049: Business Development for Architects with Melissa Woolford

In this week’s interview I speak with Executive director and founder of the Museum of Architecture (MoA), Melissa Woolford.

MoA is a charity dedicated to empowering architects to run better businesses and to support architects communicating the value of architecture to the general public.

In this interview you will discover:
– Common mistakes architects make in their marketing
– How to develop your career at associate level by learning about business development
– Innovative business models for young practices

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Museum of Architecture

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048: Navigating Economic Storms In A Design Led Practice with Oliver Salway

This week’s podcast is with director of Softroom, Oliver Salway. In this interview Oliver shares how Softroom began using innovative digital rendering techniques to create speculative projects ideal for marketing their architectural talents. From collaborations with emerging design magazines (Wallpaper in 90s) they began to win an exciting array of projects working with global brands and cultural institutions navigating and evolving their practice as economic downturns injured other businesses.

In this interview you will learn:
– What Oliver believes is the new CGI that young architectural practices can utilise to stand out
– Lessons learned from working with airlines
– How to use speculative design to win real projects

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047: What Happens When You Own A Restaurant, Bar and An Architecture Practice with Fourth Space

In this week’s interview I speak with Steve Sinclair, Huw Williams and Paolo Mozzato of Fourth Space about how they have set up a scenario many architects often dream of – owning a restaurant, Ombra on Vyner Street in London and running an architecture practice.

In this conversation the Fourth Space gents share the valuable business lessons they have learnt from running a restaurant, how they have utilised the unique environment to nurture client and industry relationships.

In this episode you will discover how Fourth Space have:

  • Created a unique Company Culture
  • Used a restaurant as the front room of their office
  • The lessons learned for an architecture practice from running a restaurant


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Fourth Space





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046: When Is P.R. A Bad Idea? with Robert Fiehn

This week I speak with PR Maestro, Rob Fiehn of Robert Fiehn Communications. Rob has an accomplished career to date, working deep within the architectural industry facilitating effective communication with diverse portfolio of practices from small bespoke operations to large international firms helping them communicate both internally and with the wider public.

In this interview Rob discusses when PR is a BAD IDEA. Many architects look at PR as the quick fix solution to a number of business of problems, however without a number of marketing and business fundamentals in place first PR can not be effective and will not deliver the desired investment.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The essentials you need to have in place before you approach a PR
  • The key elements to an effective marketing strategy to maximise your PR
  • What to do when a client is not onboard with your PR strategies





045: A Practice For The Future with Piers Taylor

What a delight this week’s podcast interview is as I get the opportunity to sit down with Piers Taylor of the Invisible Studio. Sitting in a unit studio at Reading University where Piers teaches, we discuss his career, the growing of two architectural practices Mitchell Taylor and Invisible Studio, working in the media and his blue prints for a light weight low risk architecture practice that delivers fulfilling, challenging design and creates a lifestyle where the distinction between work and play is blurred.

Piers is a true innovator and an inspirational voice for the industry who can powerfully articulate the potential of architecture and an architecture business.

In this episode you will learn how Piers has:

  • Mitigated the risk of traditional architecture practice with an innovative business model
  • Created his own projects, diversified and created alternative streams of revenue in his career
  • Followed in the footsteps of his architectural mentor and inspiration Glen Murcutt





044: The 7 Threats to an Architecture Business with Rion Willard

In 2018 I interviewed 42 architects, archipreneurs and industry thought leaders.

Again and again the same themes appeared that I sensed were at the root of many architecture business problems.

Over the Christmas period, I spent a lot of time quietly reflecting and re listening to those interviews in order to distill what these industry experts were telling me they had found to often be some of the most challenging aspects of running an architecture business and what they have done to navigate around them.

From that study I compiled a list of 7 Business Obstacles that in many cases threaten and prevent otherwise successful and intelligent architecture practices from fulfilling in their mission of delivering impactful and meaningful design work.

They are:








In this podcast I review what these 7 Threats are and how they can erode your business and I relay how many of the architects and industry leaders I have spoken with have overcome them.

Join us at U+I Offices where BoA UK will give you a roadmap around the 7 Most Common Obstacles (the 7 THREATS!!) to a Profitable and Impactful Architecture Business.


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043: Supporting The Next Generation with Phineas Harper

In this week’s episode I speak with Phineas Harper deputy director of the Architecture Foundation. In this conversation Phin discusses the importance of architectural education and how it is essential for it to be protected and the role the profession can take in doing so.

Phin also talks at length about the work of the Architecture Foundation in supporting new and upcoming architects and his work organising the radical discussion panels at the Turncoats talks.



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042: “Having the Balls to Diversify” with Pol Gallagher of ZAP Architecture

In this week’s episode I speak with founder of ZAP Architecture Pol Gallagher. Pol and the ZAP team have created an exciting and entrepreneurial practice who have become their own clients on a number of projects including the reuse of a dilapidated Victorian theatre into one of London’s premier trampoline parks (ZAP Space), which is also where their practice studios are based. And yes I did have a bounce! ZAP’s work includes art installations, live events, award winning garden’s at the Chelsea flower show and an array of home extensions to super prime properties in some of London’s most prestigious postcodes.

In this episode you will learn

– The key fundamentals you need to get your own projects off the ground

– Why it takes courage to diversify and why architects should take the risk

– The dangers of taking on the wrong projects


Zap Architecture https://www.zaparchitecture.com

ZAP Space https://zapspace.co.uk


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041: Using Emotional Intelligence to Win Work, Retain Talent & Grow a Business with Louise Rodgers and Rachel Birchmore

Using Emotional Intelligence to win work, retain talent & grow a business with Louise Rodgers and Rachel Birchmore.

This week’s podcast delves into a topic that so many successful business owners, industry thought leaders and CEOs place as the most important business skill of them all – Emotional Intelligence.

Our emotional intelligence underpins all of our decision-making, our ability to take action, handle interpersonal relationships and our overall experience of life. In business it is everything and self-awareness through cultivating Emotional Intelligence not only enables us to reach our business goals faster but also enriches every facet of life.

In this podcast Louise Rodgers, a qualified, accredited executive and business coach and Rachel Birchmore an experienced strategic marketing consultant and trained business, personal & leadership coach discuss Emotional Intelligence and how it architects can use it in their business.

In this episode you will learn:
– Simple Emotional Intelligence practices that can build powerful relationships
– How to use Emotional Intelligence to retain staff
– Why Emotional Intelligence is the key to winning the right kind of work

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040: 20 Business Growth Shortcuts for Under £500 with Rion Willard

This week is a rapid quick fire brainstorm of marketing, advertising and growth strategies for under £500 that can accelerate your business’s growth if executed. I’ve picked up many of these from speaking to many architects, business mentors and entrepreneurs on the show and I use many of these both with the Business of Architecture UK and in my own architecture practice.

In this episode you will get
– 20 Business Growth Hacks for your Practice
– Get a 2 page cheatsheet containing the hacks
– Marketing Strategies for Architecture Business Growth


Downloadable Cheat Sheet

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