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110: Prosperity Consciousness with Aja George, Entrepreneur and Financial Educator

This week we are continuing the conversation around money with Entrepreneur Aja George.

Aja spent a decade in the dance industry working with people like Keke Palmer, Omarion, Chris brown, P!nk, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber. He had the opportunity to work on prestigious award shows such as MTV’s VMA’s, Nickelodeon’s TCA’s, the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s as well as featuring in movies like Never Say Never and Step Up 3D.

But, he retired from the dance industry when he realized that a livable “residual income” was not possible and that he could never show someone else a proven system on how to achieve the same level of success that he had.

After a few years in retail while searching for his niche and passion, he realized that the people in the industry he spent nearly a decade in had a common flaw. Lack of financial education.

He finally opened up his own business where he would educate families on how to create a family bank and how to build a family business to leave behind a legacy for generations to come.

Since opening his own business and entering the world of entrepreneurship, he’s been able to help dozens of people start their own businesses and teach families about the rules of money and how to be able to leave legacies behind.

In this episode you will discover:

  • What it is to recognise a paradigm that might be a constraint to earning
  • How Aja challenges and identifies commonly held money scripts
  • What is ‘Prosperity Consciousness’

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Discovery Call

Aja George

109: Mental Wealth for Architects with Dr. Brad Klontz, Financial Psychologist

In the architectural industry one of the most sensitive topics is the fees architects often receive which can be relatively low when compared to the value that is created through design and the risk that architects carry in delivering services.

In this conversation I speak with financial psychologist, Dr Brad Klontz about the psychology behind money, fees and value. 

Bradley T. Klontz, Psy.D., CFP® is a Founder of the Financial Psychology Institute® and an Associate Professor of Practice in Financial Psychology at Creighton University Heider College of Business. He is a Managing Principal of Your Mental Wealth® Advisors, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a Former President of the Hawaii Psychological Association. He has partnered with organizations including JP Morgan Chase and H&R Block in efforts to help raise public awareness around issues related to financial health and financial psychology.

Dr. Klontz has been a columnist for the Journal of Financial Planning, On Wall Street, and and has co-authored/co-edited five books on the psychology of money.

In this Episode you will learn :

  • The psychological inner battle about why some creative people find it hard to price services 
  • Money scripts: what they are and how they affect us 
  • The surprising habits, lifestyles and mindsets of wealthy people


Discovery Call with Rion

Your Mental Wealth


108: Blurring the Line Between Architect and Developer with Henry Squire, Squire & Partners

So just before lockdown in a pre-covid world, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Henry Squire, partner at Squire and Partners in their new home – the Department Store located in Brixton, South London.

The building is an extraordinary development led by the practice which revives a local Brixton landmark to create a series of collaborative workspaces supported by an evolving hub of creative, retail and community uses. Originally built in 1906 as an annexe to the Bon Marche department store, the design of the reimagined space has been informed by the existing fabric and layers of history.

Squire and Partners is a British practice founded in 1976 with an international reputation for architecture informed by the history and culture of where it is placed. Their award winning portfolio, for some of the world’s leading developers, includes masterplans, private and affordable residential, workspace, retail, education and public buildings.

Squire and Partners also have their own property and business portfolio, mixed-use developments at Northdown Street and Clapham Park Road, The Rockwell Hotel, a house and apartment development on Liverpool Road.

Henry Squire who is one of the partners at Squires who is responsible for leading the future of Squire & Partners into its next generation.

In this episode you will learn:

How the culture of practice has evolved in their new home
How the practice has moved from a 1st generation practice to a 2nd and is planning the 3rd
What does business mean to Squire & Partners

This week’s resources

Discovery Call with Rion

The Department Store

Squire & Partners