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107: How To Make Your Marketing Memorable with Nikita Morell

This week I am connecting internationally with Australia based Nikita Morellos, who is a copywriter & marketing strategist who specifically helps architects win more of the projects they really want through creating actionable marketing strategies & writing archibabble-free copy.

In this episode you will learn

  • The Mistakes Architects commonly make with language on their website
  • A framework for becoming memorable in our marketing
  • Why having a stand is key for your messaging


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Nikita Morell

Architect's Word Shop


106: Redefining an Architecture Business with Petr Esposito, Thirdway Architecture

Hooray! This was my first face to face interview since March, and what a delight it was to visit the impressive offices of the Thirdway Group, home of Thirdway Architecture, where I had the opportunity to sit down with founder director Petr Esposito.

Thirdway Architecture is a traditional architecture practice that forms part of the Thirdway group, a progressive, cross-industry family of companies including D&B fit out, property contracts, furniture dealership and workplace interior consultants. These companies work together to deliver projects that are well aligned to the business agendas of their clients and the needs of the end users.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Thirdway Architecture identify the economics of good design and communicate this to their clients
  • How Thirdway Architecture put together their pitching documents
  • The innovative business structure that Thirdway Group uses to deliver projects


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Thirdway Architecture

105: Merging Traditional Practice with Artificial Intelligence with Nicholas Darby

This week I sit down with Nicholas Darby, an architect based in South Africa who has been running his own architectural practice, Imagine Architects, for over 10 years and has now begun an exciting journey merging his traditional practice with developments in artificial intelligence and software architecture.

Nicholas worked in corporate practice, working on numerous commercial buildings around the world before setting up his own practice which focuses on high end residential.

In this episode you will learn

  • The areas of potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning in building eco systems
  • Are architects in danger of being replaced by AI?
  • Software architect vs Building Architect a new reformed, completely reinvented title


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Imagine Architects

104: The Value of Place with Angus Bruce, Head of Design for Landscape Architecture, Hassell

In this episode I'm discussing the business behind landscape architecture with head of global Landscape design at Hassell – Angus Bruce.

Based in London and originally from Australia Angus has more than 30 years of experience on award-winning projects across Asia, Australia and Europe, including the transformation of Sydney’s Darling Harbour precinct and the 15-hectare public realm of the Geopark Museum in Nanjing, China.

Angus has developed a deep expertise in understanding how to bring innovative landscapes to life to meet business, environmental and social needs – and create natural, sustainable places people love.

In this episode you will discover:

– How Hassell aligns with the business agendas of their clients

– How Hassell measures the success of projects that are civic focused

– The anatomy of an international design business

This weeks Resources:

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103: Building Team Culture with Sarah Wigglesworth, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

“Architecture is utterly about people, and about making life better for people”. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the inspiring Sarah Wigglesworth, founder of Sarah Wigglesworth Architects.

Sarah Wigglesworth MBE RDI FRSA RIBA MA Dip Arch is the director of her London-based architectural practice which she founded in 1994. Her work is acknowledged as a pioneering influence in British Architecture, and it focuses on exploring ecological building solutions. She writes and speaks extensively about her and the practice’s work. She was granted the title Royal Designer for Industry in 2012 and awarded an MBE in 2003.

In this conversation Sarah discusses:

  • How the practice has been growing during COVID 19
  • The story of developing of her own home and studio
  • Winning work in the public sector and complications of procurement in the UK


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Sarah Wigglesworth