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087: Creating a Bright Future for Architects in a Post Corona World, Mark R. Le Page

“Shut off the negativity, turn up the positivity and go make the world a better place. There’s a lot of opportunity coming our way.”

So whilst in lockdown I’ve been using this as an opportunity to connect across the pond with some of the luminaries of architectural business broadcasting.

This week I had the privilege to sit down and speak with one such guiding light, Mark R, Le Page, founder & CEO of EntreArchitect, Gābl Technologies and Fivecat Studio.

Mark founded the original Entrepreneur Architect website in 2007 as a personal blog relaunched the platform as EntreArchitect™ on December 12, 2012 as his 12/12/12 Project to inspire and educate small firm architects to build better businesses.

Since then he has been has been empowering Architects to better serve the world. This interview is jammed pack with gold and if you need a hit of inspiration and positivity about what’s possible this episode is the one.

In this episode you will discover

– Mark’s own entrepreneurial career from creating EntreArchitect, running Fivecat studio and creating Gābl Technologies

– The mistake that could cause architects to become extinct

– Mark’s powerful and optimistic vision for the future of architecture and architects


This weeks resources:

Discovery Call with Rion






086: How Should Practices Communicate During the Corona Crisis with Rob Fiehn, Luke Neve and Bobby Jewell

In this week’s podcast, with the wonders of today’s online tools I was able to connect with 3 of the UK’s leading PR consultants for Architects, Rob Fiehn, Luke Neve and Bobby Jewel to discuss how architecture practices should be thinking about their outbound communications during the corona crisis.

Rob Fiehn has an accomplished career to date, working deep within the architectural industry facilitating effective communication with diverse portfolio of practices ranging from small bespoke operations to large international firms helping them communicate both internally and with the wider public.

Bobby Jewell is a London-based press and communications consultant with over a decade of experience working in the architecture and cultural industries. His clients range from self-employed creatives to emerging practices, international studios and cultural institutions. He is a coordinator at Architects Climate Action Networks.

Rob and Bobby co-organise the Negroni Talks series.

Luke Neve has delivered campaigns as an external consultant for a wide range of creative and corporate clients, such as the Vinyl Factory, Sony, and the Polish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. He has set up and implemented communications strategies for international architecture practices overseeing management of competitions and award bids, website updates, social media, PR, new business, and events.

In this episode you will discover

– How to communicate powerfully and appropriately during lockdown

– How you can continue to network and build relationships whilst operating virtually

– Ideas for how you can continue to serve your clients and community and prepare for beyond lockdown


This weeks resources:

Discovery Call with Rion

Rob Fiehn

Bobby Jewell

Luke Neve

Online Collaborative Comms Crits




085: Running a Virtual Studio During Lockdown with Daniele Sini, Richard Markland Architects

This interview was one of the last times I properly stepped outside the house, a few weeks before the lockdown in the UK.

I had arranged this interview with Daniele Sini of Richard Markland Architects to discuss their innovative methods of project delivery and software usage, where they have adapted gaming software and virtual reality to communicate design ideas with clients and consultant teams.

However when I visited their office their team had begun working from home, and they were adapting their innovative set up to create a virtual studio. Daniele is a very experienced architect. Having spent over seventeen years in professional practice, and in the last twelve years he has been leading complex projects from initial design to completion. Currently he is the project lead on a large newly built private residential building amongst others.

In this episode you will learn:

– The software mix RMA are using to produce ‘real time’ photorealistic 3D models

– How the studio has enabled it’s staff to work remotely

– How the studio uses virtual reality to assistant client decisions and how in the not to distant future will even hold client meetings in VR.

This week’s resources:

Richard Markland Architects


084: Architecture as a Superpower: Going Above and Beyond the Building with Adam Scott, FREESTATE

Before the lockdown I had the opportunity to meet with Adam Scott who is the founder of experience master planners FREESTATE.

Adam is an architect and pioneer in brand experience having worked with some of the world’s most innovative brands and city makers including Melbourne Airport, Virgin Atlantic, Samsung and Sony to name a few.

Adam is an advocate for the power of architectural thinking beyond just buildings and describes it as a super power that many highly successful people working in different disciplines and industries have utilised.

In this episode you will discover:

– How utilised his architectural expertise from promoting live club nights to building a pioneering global experience masterplanning agency – What is brand and why architects are well suited to think about it

– How architects can move into new modes of architectural practice and design This week’s resources:

Discovery call with Rion