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079: Infrastructure Architect & Mentor to the Profession with Jason Boyle

Have you ever considered a career in the fascinating world of designing complex infrastructure buildings?

This week I speak with Jason Boyle, the youngest person to become a Fellow of the RIBA and who also received fellowship status from the Royal Society of Arts in 2018 for his work in infrastructure.

Jason has spent the last 11 years of his career in the Nuclear Industry and is currently leading the architecture of a £800m + nuclear infrastructure project at Sellafield. Jason is an ambassador for Architecture in the Civil and Engineering sector, is a responsible engineer and has been a pioneer for the use of BIM in government infrastructure projects.

Jason is also the founder of a professional mentoring service designed, as Jason describes, ‘to unlock the potential, which is deep inside of everyone, at any stage of your career by giving you the keys to succeed in life.'

In this episode you will discover:

  • The career pathway Jason followed to become a nuclear infrastructure specialist
  • How Jason's pioneering work in infrastructure earned him a fellowship
  • The importance of having a mentor and what are some game changing tools for productivity


This week's resources:

Discovery call with Rion:

My Mentor

078: Why are Architects Fees Low? with Rion Willard, Business of Architecture UK

This week I respond to a recent micro poll, which I conducted on social media that asked architects what they thought the biggest challenge facing the industry is. The results came in showing that the ‘Low fees' were considered the biggest challenge followed by climate change, with many commenting that our ability to influence climate change is related to our ability to produce revenue.

Do you agree? I shared the results from the initial poll all over social media and asked the question do you agree? Do architects actually have low fees? and if so why? What are the reasons behind low fees across the profession? What do you think the practices who command high fees doing? (I give some case studies of some practices I spoken to who are crushing it).

The posts and polls were viewed by over 6000 people and many of you responded and gave your insights. This podcast is a curation of some of those comments and ideas from architects, marketers, property experts, business owners, media institutions, students and industry thought leaders with some of my own commentary and thoughts on the subject.

At the Business of Architecture UK our mission is to help architects command the fees they desire and our ongoing industry research helps us refine and develop our tools, strategies and consulting. So I want to thank everybody for their ongoing contribution and encourage everyone to view this as conversation that is important for us all to participate in, so please your thoughts and ideas in the comments or email me at

In this episode you will discover:

  • An array of industry opinions to the root causes of low fees
  • Examples of what leading practices are doing to command well deserved fees and how they are winning work
  • Latent opportunities that lie in our businesses


This week's Resources

Discovery Call with Rion


077: Applying Architectural Principles to Business with Lennart Grut, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

This week I speak with Lennart Grut, senior partner at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.

Lennart is the Partner principally in charge of managing the practice’s key international projects and has worked at RSHP for three decades starting work with Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano, Peter Rice and others on the Pompidou Centre in Paris. From engineer to senior partner his role now includes organising and managing multidisciplinary teams in multilingual environments to ensure delivery of projects.

In this interview Lennart discusses:

  • The unique constitution that structures the business of Rogers Stirk Habour + Partners
  • How they have weathered numerous economic recessions
  • The generation change of the practice and the future of the business model


This week's Resources

Discovery Call with Rion

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners