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072: Rethinking Procurement & Business Identity with Russell Curtis, RCKa

In this week's podcast, I interview Russell Curtis one of the founding directors of RCKa. Russell oversees RCKa's commercial and residential infill projects and is responsible for the delivery phase of the practice's work.

Russell is also a founding director of Project Compass CIC, a not-for-profit organisation campaigning for increased transparency and accessibility in public sector procurement in the UK.

In this conversation you will learn:

  • How RCKa evolved into doing public work
  • Why post occupancy evaluation and the life cycle of our buildings is so important in communicating our value as architects
  • Strategies for how young practices can begin to win public work


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071: Being an Architect in the 21st Century with Gianpiero Venturini, Itinerant Office pt2

This week I speak with Gianpiero Venturini, founder of Itinerant Office, curator of the New Generations Festival and author of “ATLAS of emerging practices: being an architect in the 21st century” in the second part of our interview.

Itinerant Office curates events, exhibitions, and publications, facilitating exchange of knowledge supported by a multi-disciplinary network.

In this podcast Gianpiero and I discuss his book “ATLAS of emerging practices: being an
architect in the 21st century” (check the special 20% discount code below for your copy ).

ATLAS of emerging practices provides an overview of the state of the architect’s profession, analysing themes, trends, projects, and methods that characterise the professional practice, and understanding this discipline through the research carried out with a selection of emerging architectural practices in the European territory.

In this episode Gianpiero discusses:

– How research driven practices find funding for their projects

– How architects across the European territory are practicing in different fields

– The important questions Itinerant Office asked of hundreds of architects and that we can ask ourselves in our own practices


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Past, Present, Future:

Itinerant Office: