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115: How to Write Better Proposals with Ian Motley, Blue Turtle Consulting

What are the common mistakes architects make with their fee proposals?

In this episode I sit down with Ian Motley of Blue Turtle Consulting to discuss this and more. Ian is a Design Fee Proposal Expert, Speaker, and Author specialising in design fees, conversion rates and scope creep.

He has a background in Project Management working as a Fee Proposal Writer and Negotiator for Foster + Partners. He’s also co-authored 5 Design Fee and Appointment Guides that sell in 13 different countries.

In this episode you will learn:
– Some of the fundamentals that should appear in a compelling fee proposal
– How to avoid scope creep
– The principle of consistency and commitment and how you can use it in your proposals


Discovery Call with Rion

Blue Turtle

Rion Willard

Rion Willard is the Host and Director of the Business of Architecture UK, an interview podcast where prominent guests share tips and strategies for success in architecture. He’s the founder of the The Thinking Hand Studio Architects a London based architectural design firm specialising in high end luxury residential.