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107: How To Make Your Marketing Memorable with Nikita Morell

This week I am connecting internationally with Australia based Nikita Morellos, who is a copywriter & marketing strategist who specifically helps architects win more of the projects they really want through creating actionable marketing strategies & writing archibabble-free copy.

In this episode you will learn

  • The Mistakes Architects commonly make with language on their website
  • A framework for becoming memorable in our marketing
  • Why having a stand is key for your messaging


Discovery Call with Rion

Nikita Morell

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Rion Willard

Rion Willard is the Host and Director of the Business of Architecture UK, an interview podcast where prominent guests share tips and strategies for success in architecture. He’s the founder of the The Thinking Hand Studio Architects a London based architectural design firm specialising in high end luxury residential.