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106: Redefining an Architecture Business with Petr Esposito, Thirdway Architecture

Hooray! This was my first face to face interview since March, and what a delight it was to visit the impressive offices of the Thirdway Group, home of Thirdway Architecture, where I had the opportunity to sit down with founder director Petr Esposito.

Thirdway Architecture is a traditional architecture practice that forms part of the Thirdway group, a progressive, cross-industry family of companies including D&B fit out, property contracts, furniture dealership and workplace interior consultants. These companies work together to deliver projects that are well aligned to the business agendas of their clients and the needs of the end users.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Thirdway Architecture identify the economics of good design and communicate this to their clients
  • How Thirdway Architecture put together their pitching documents
  • The innovative business structure that Thirdway Group uses to deliver projects


Discovery Call with Rion


Thirdway Architecture


Rion Willard

Rion Willard is the Host and Director of the Business of Architecture UK, an interview podcast where prominent guests share tips and strategies for success in architecture. He’s the founder of the The Thinking Hand Studio Architects a London based architectural design firm specialising in high end luxury residential.