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038: The 3 Most Common Money Blocks that Stop Architects with Jaimie Sarah

This week on BOA UK I’m speaking with Global Success Coach, Jaimie Sarah about the 3 most common money blocks that architects, entrepreneurs and business owners face with their companies. Jaimie has coached CEOs, company leaders, founders and other influential leaders, change agents and public figures. She has been featured in Forbes, attended the Harvard Business School,  has a degree in psychology and is a qualified hypnotherapist.

Jaimie is a master at unearthing the deep rooted obstacles to an individual’s performance and in this episode she goes into depth about why approaching our work as business people with a holistic purpose driven approach is the key to reaching unprecedented levels of success.

In the episode you will learn:

  • The 3 Money Blocks
  • How to avoid them
  • How to be your most profitable self


For a confidential discussion with Jaimie you can book a slot in her calendar at

http://calendly.com/jsecrooks/30min or visit her website

Definitely Definitely 

EARLY BIRD TIX for BOA UK 5th March 2019

Rion Willard

Rion Willard is the Host and Director of the Business of Architecture UK, an interview podcast where prominent guests share tips and strategies for success in architecture. He’s the founder of the The Thinking Hand Studio Architects a London based architectural design firm specialising in high end luxury residential.